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The website design looks awesome, the animation is very intriguing. I remember a bitcointalk user recently asking about a dice game where there's an animation of rolling the dice but hell, you also seem to have some octopus-woman in it! What really lacks here is a free mode to see how things really work or a faucet to try playing. True Flip casino seems to be new (I can see that the ICO ended a year ago, but I guess the games are available only for a month or so), which means it's on the way of gaining trust of the community and attracting the right audience. Please consider making a demo mode or a faucet, and I am sure this casino is able to succeed with such animation! Good luck!
I tried all of the games and the Dice has awesome animation which really brings something new to the experience, which is cool, since dice is very popular and many people are bored with the standard primedice-like version of it. The other games have a nice background but there is less video animation there. If wish there could be more of it. I know that in case of the lottery it's hard to come up with, since the results are not instant, but perhaps you could add more games with time where people will be able to enjoy sophisticated animation while playing. Good luck to the team!
I have been playing on this website quite a time ago, was playing the Pirate Bay game, the deposits are without problems (cant talk about withdrawals as always busted lol)
but I like the website, the design is cool and a refreshing take on the crypto gambling. The games are really cool looking too, the dice one is too much graphical for my laptop to handle without problems but i still tried it anyways.
I remember that i got some 0.0005 btc gift coupon in my email a while ago, which was a nice suprise.
I wish the owners of the site good luck and nice earnings!
I played demo-versions of Magic Dice, Chain's Code and Pirate Bay without signing up. Firstly, it's good you are giving such an opportunity for gamblers, because many of them, including me, normally move on after they were asked for email etc. on a new site. Secondly, it seems like you really propose something new, and so the gamblers who are bored by old games may find it very attractive. The only thing missing, from my point of view, is a chat box where gamblers can share their experiences. Apart from that, the site looks great. Well done guys! Congrats!
Hello! I am from beginning of the gaming platform TRUE FLIP, and I see how the platform is developing and of course it makes me happy. Yes, there are already a lot of games and I have a favorite game - Pirate Bay. When you go to Pirate Bay page, you can see great pictures, animations, and when the music starts to play, you seem to find yourself in an adventure film about pirates, the main character of which is you. Moving up you collect coins, sometimes you don't guess (stumble about an anchor), and sometimes you get a black mark and come back. But as in the end of the film, good luck find you and you get your treasure!
lot of currency accepted there BTC, DASH, LTC, ETH, BCH, DOGE. i can can easily convert your coins to BTC, the principal internal currency for True Flip. To use ShapeShift, go to the Top-Up section, then select your currency in the pop-up window and complete the transaction. All our top-up methods are listed in the Balance Top-Up section in your account.
very like it with design very smooth and friendly
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Mining factory reviews (from Bitcointalk forum users)

I do not normally play with slot machines, but this game seems a lot of fun and well balanced.
the animations are nice and even the spot events are nice, I caught the virus that gave me 3 free spins.
I did not understand what energy is for.
I can not decide the number of lines in which to bet, but above all nowhere says that I play for 25 lines.
I learned it by looking at the raw http calls.
I recommend it, I can not play in demo mode from recorded or it is not easy to understand.

>> ultimately it is very nice and close to the crypto world so fun <<
I just tried out this new game mining factory, and I find it quite enjoyable. When I opened it I was greeted with the lovely sounds of the game and the vivid colours as well. I had to try out the demo since I had no funds on my account and it was quite fun compared to other slots I have played. The amount of lines available is quite nice as well.
Every so often I got virus detected and got 3 free spins out of nowhere which is great and a good way to keep on playing and possibly making more btc. Maybe I can eventually build up enough energy in the tube and see what prize it gives out in the end once you hit 2000.
To me the game is wonderful and it's better than other slots out there. I didn't manage to hit anything large in the end though but maybe I will have luck eventually.
This was the best I got was only 90
im just start with 0.005 BTC it didn't take long for me to hit something extraordinary right away
there is no complaint for this game, the animation is very soft in the eyes, doing 100 auto bets runs smoothly.
maybe I just hope for loading when I will enter the game to be even faster. sometimes I experience the stack when I'm on 64% loading games

and I want to give advice about free spin, it is amazing but I hope for animation to be accelerated as you see if we hit 3 pictures of table viruses we will stop and show that our computer is infected with a virus. it's cool animation but it's enough to kill our time.

there is no other problem, I really enjoy playing mining factories with animations and music that are different from the slot games I've played on other sites.
but I hope you will provide updates every year to change the animation and sound effects maybe it will be very helpful so that players always see something new and will never be bored to play
From someone that didn't deposit, and of course, speaking from the POV of a new-comer, the overall structure, layout and design of the website itself is absolutely stunning. The only downside to having it mostly flash-like based, is the lack-of-speed in terms of for those without decent stats on there phone(s) and/or computer(s).In saying that, my computer has about 8GB ram and is mediocre, but it still was having quite the lag-load problem here.
Edit: It was apparently only my browser doing that google sign-up malfunction.. Edited and my apologies @Trueflip!
I liked the free lottery, but it's over unfortunately. So I switched off to the new game. The game is a bit greedy but when you win, you win a lot. Especially when your bet is big at the moment. I couldn't reach the top of the water tank, but the playing process somewhat exciting. I like the game design, it looks different from the most slots I've ever played.
Sometimes when I was playing, the slots were spinning all for quite long. It that some bug or that's how it was designed?
I wanted to take a good screenshot of my biggest win, but it disappeared so fast that I couldn't take it in time. So I had to keep playing and be attentive next time.
Here it is, though the text is not visible enough. Can you see Epic win 1200 here?
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